Presley is 14

Presley is 14

FOURTEEN. My first baby is 14 today. When I look at this picture of him, I now see a young man. My baby is gone, my baby boy is gone, my kid is gone – he’s now a young man. His voice has deepened by like 95 octaves, he wears a size 10 mens shoe, he has a mustache, and he’s taller than me. Y’all, I can’t explain the emotions that flood me when I think back over these 14 years.
There were about 5 years of life that were really tough on us – they were full of frustration, and worry, and questions, and loneliness…especially until we finally got the Asperger’s diagnosis. He has come so far – SO FAR! He has taught our family so much about priorities, perspective and overcoming obstacles – we seriously wouldn’t change one single thing. If I had the opportunity to take away the autism spectrum disorder, I wouldn’t do it. Don’t get me wrong now – it’s been really hard, but it’s made him and us who we are. It’s part of what makes him who he is. He isn’t your ‘typical’ kid. He doesn’t know how to brown nose, he doesn’t know how to be fake, he doesn’t know how to try to impress people or be a big shot – but he’s straightforward and loyal and loving and honest. And he’s perfect – God made him that way.
My Daddy was so in love with him. I think because of Daddy’s physical disability and Presley’s developmental disability, Daddy felt a real connection to him…he knew what it was like to be different and to have to suffer because of it. I can’t tell you the times I would call home to talk to Momma and Daddy about what was going on in Presley’s life, or just call them to cry, and Daddy would always say, “Babe, Pres is gonna be just fine.” How true, Daddy, how true.
We still have questions that lie in front of us…
Will he go to college?
Will he live alone?
Will he get married?
Will he have kids?
Will he have a job?
But I can hear Daddy’s answer in my head and I know that everything is going to be fine. I know Daddy is surrounding Presley’s spirit today and loving on him from heaven.
This young man of mine was destined to change hearts and perceptions of people on the spectrum. He will be a difference maker in this world and I’m just thankful that God chose me to help guide him on that path. I couldn’t be more proud of my young man…Happy Birthday Presley.
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  1. Patti Dailey

    You write so beautifully, Melissa. You express yourself so well.

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