Don’t Buy Your Mom These Shorts for Mother’s Day!

Don’t Buy Your Mom These Shorts for Mother’s Day!

Y’all, for the LOVE OF MAN, I saw this girl at the movie in front of me the other day.  I was appalled, but I couldn’t look away!  Her hiney cheek was literally hanging out!  Like I totally wanted to go poke it and ask her if she meant for that to happen, or did the scissors just get away from her?!?!?!  If my daughter EVER has her hiney cheek hanging up outta her shorts, somebody betta tell me!!!!!  And then I was thinking, “GROSS! Her booty cheek is gonna sit on the movie seat! What if I sit on that seat sometime??”

With those shorts in mind, I’ve put together a list of some great Mother’s Day presents…including lots of options of jean shorts in “cool mom style”, which means not down to your knees, but not with your butt cheeks hanging out.  While I’m here, I’m going to give some sound advice to women 40+, or just moms in general, even if you aren’t 40 yet.  Although you may be able to fit into super short shorts, it doesn’t mean you should.  It’s straight up nonsense.  It’s inappropriate.  If you bend over and your cheek ends up in the face of my kid while we’re at a ballgame, I’m gonna have a problem with that.  And if your title is “Grandmother” or any other version of that title, please, I implore you, stay away from cut-offs and short shorts.  It’s a no.  Always. When in doubt, throw on the bermudas.

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  1. Liz Franklin

    AMEN sister!!! I found some recently at Kohl’s, Apt. 9 brand. Appropriate length & not too tight in the thighs!

  2. Michelle

    this is the best blog post yet!! LOL

  3. Robbie davis

    where did you find those same eldermans at 😍

  4. Hope O'briant


  5. Margie McCain

    Don’t worry bout me! Just bought some shorts and they’re right above my knee! Short shorts have come and gone!!

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