Southern Dictionary

Southern Dictionary

These are sayings and expressions coined by my Daddy’s side of the family.  There are literally hundreds, so I picked the ones I most often say that may need clarification!


Jacked Up – messed up, not right

Toe Up – messed up, not right

Balled Up – to fight, to argue

Blowin’ Gas – sleeping very soundly

Gettin’ Teeth – to get in trouble (because when you’re gettin’ in trouble and your mom/dad is yelling at you, all you see is teeth)

Clickin’ Heels – super excited about something

Da – a dog

Done Gone – when you’re bugging someone, really getting on someone’s nerves

Et Up With – completely covered in something

Liked To Been – almost was, really close to happening

Lush – delicious

Made a Shame – to be extremely embarrassed by something you did

To the Ditch or Throw it in the Yard – what you do with something when it’s gross or you don’t want it – anything from food to a broken toy

Some Funk – something or someone that’s nasty

Bowed Up – mad about something

Gonna Go To Swingin’ – spanking a kid or fighting someone

To my Knees – going to the ground over news

Took a Chill – got cold

Took Sick – got sick

Tunein – crying

Broke Down – super sad about something

Whoop up On – kicking someone’s butt

Redneck Ghetto – the redneck comes from Arkansas and the ghetto comes from Memphis – I’m from West Memphis, Arkansas so it’s a combo of the two



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